Civil War

The title of the show at JB Jurve derived from a graffito visible on a wall behind a  car that was set alight during an October, 2011, anticapitalist protest in Rome.  The vastly enlarged negative  of the burning car, montaged with a publicity shot of a face-to-face couple from the cable TV show The Real Housewives of New York, was assembled from 140 letter-size inkjet prints. Two other large photomontages and a floor-placed text completed the installation. The floor-placed segment consisted of the text of a Brecht poem, “Of Sprinkling in the Garden,” which Brecht wrote while living in Santa Monica as a refugee from Nazi-ruled Germany.  I enlarged the text, digitally sliced it, and outputted the segments as letter-size inkjet prints to be dispersed by foot traffic.

Two artist’s books, Civil War and Dispersion, complemented the installation.

Installation shots courtesy of Marcus Herse.

Promise (2012). Taped inkjet prints. 153 x 88″

Civil War installation (2012). Left: Promise. Right: Exchange. Facing: Breath. Floor: Dispersion.

Breath (2012). Taped inkjet prints. 132 x 102″

Exchange (2012). Taped inkjet prints. 143 x 110.5″

Dispersion (2012). Segmented text. 220 x 76.5″ irregular.

Civil War installation. Dispersion dispersed.